• Where is the KAMABOO mattress made?
    Entirely in Spain. The entire process is carried out in our factory in Galicia, and the few materials that do not come from Spain come from European countries, such as Belgium or Italy.

    Where do the components of the KAMABOO mattress come from?
    Most of the materials with which the KAMABOO mattress is made come from Spain. Only some components come from other countries, such as the latex that comes from Belgium or the fabric that comes from Italy. All materials that do not come from Spain, come from European countries, and are subject to strict quality controls.

    Is it cheaper because its quality is inferior to that of other mattresses?
    No. It is cheaper than the competition because you do not pay intermediaries, you order it and receive it directly from the factory, without further ado.

    How high is the KAMABOO mattress?
    It is 27 cm high, 5 cm latex, 4 cm viscoelastic and 17 cm core. It is tall, but is compatible with most fitted sheets.

    Are latex mattresses hot?
    No, because we have developed micro-perforated latex cores, which allow air to circulate, favoring total breathability and preventing heat build-up.

    Do viscoelastic mattresses give heat?
    No, viscoelastic is an athermal material, it does not generate heat or cold. It is also not an accumulator of body heat, maintaining an optimal temperature while in use.

    Is it normal for a new mattress to smell because of its components?
    Yes, coming directly from the factory, it is normal that at first they give off the typical smell of raw materials, but since the components of KAMABOO are almost all natural, it is not unpleasant. However, that smell will fade over time. The more you ventilate, the sooner it will disappear.

    How can you differentiate the latex face from the viscoelastic one in the mattress, if the cover is closed?
    Very simple, all mattresses have a sewn label that indicates the direction of each face, latex and memory foam, as well as showing the direction of rotation and turning in the bed.

    Is the outer sleeve going to shift and wrinkle?
    No. Our mattress is made with two covers sewn and attached to the core, to prevent it from moving or wrinkling, and covered with hypoallergenic natural bamboo fabric, which we close with a weatherstripping tape that matches the cover.

    What is the best memory foam density for a mattress?
    Density is one of the most important characteristics in viscoelastic mattresses, the higher the density, the greater the feeling of adaptability and recovery of its original shape. Our KAMABOO mattress has a viscoelastic density of 50Kg/m3, which is quite high.

    What base is the most suitable for this mattress?
    The KAMABOO mattress is prepared to work optimally on any base that is firm and even. Canapé, bed frame, on the floor… As long as it is stable, it works for KAMABOO.

    Can you make a mattress of any non-standard size?
    Yes, as long as you want. We are manufacturers and we can make you the mattress of the size you need. The only drawback is that you don't have a 100-day trial, for special measures no returns are allowed, except for factory defects.

  • How should I clean my mattress?
    Gently rubbing over the stain with a cloth or towel previously moistened with soap and water.

    How should I keep the mattress in good condition for as long as possible?
    To extend the life of the mattress, proper hygiene must be maintained in its use, ventilate or air every week and turn and turn the mattress every six months, as indicated by the mattress maintenance label.

  • If I have a latex allergy, can I sleep on a KAMABOO mattress?
    Yes, the latex molecule is subjected to high temperatures, so it loses all its allergenic capacity. It is tested that the component is hypoallergenic.

    If I have an allergy to viscoelastic, can I sleep on a KAMABOO mattress?
    Despite the fact that our viscoelastic is of high quality since it is made from Biocell®, made from high-density oils of vegetable origin, and is protected by bamboo fabric that acts as an anti-allergy barrier, we do not recommend that you sleep on it. viscoelastic side just in case, but on the latex side.

    If I am prone to allergies, is this mattress for me?
    All the components of the KAMABOO mattress have anti-allergy treatments and specifically the bamboo fabric, made from natural bamboo fiber, acts as a barrier against mites, bacteria and fungi. Although we do not know if it is infallible against all known and unknown allergies.

  • How is the mattress delivered?
    The KAMABOO mattress arrives in a box, because it is vacuum rolled, a great solution for transport that also fits in a trunk, in an elevator... But don't worry, they take it home for you.

    How do I return my KAMABOO mattress?
    If after trying it for 100 days, the mattress is not for you, nothing happens. You had to keep the plastic that the mattress came rolled up in, so you use it again to put it inside (but not rolled up, don't panic), just so that the mattress is protected for transport. You process the return by sending an email to attaching the invoice and that's it. Without explanation. And as soon as it arrives at the factory, we refund the amount of the mattress.

    Are you sure I won't have any extra cost after the purchase?
    Of course not, your order arrives directly from our factory through SEUR (without shipping costs when buying any mattress), that's why it has such an advantageous price for you.

    Can I try the mattress before buying it?
    You can try it at home for 100 days and if you don't like it, you can return it. But you can't find it in stores to try it before you buy it, furthermore, we believe that a little while in a store is not enough, the ideal is to try it at home, with your pajamas and on your own.

    How many days will it take for the mattress to arrive at my house since I place the order?
    Well, it depends on how far away you are from us, but in principle, you should receive it at your home within a maximum period of 72 hours (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).

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